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Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) Lawyer

Originally called "chlorinated diphenyls," PCBs belong to a family of chlorinated compounds, known as congeners. These man-made organic chemicals are cholorinated hydrocarbons; there is no known natural source of PCBs. Ranging from viscous liquids to solids, these chemically stable, non-flammable, and insulating chemicals were regularly used in electrical and industrial applications.

PCBs were produced in the United States from 1929 until being banned in 1979. Although currently no longer produced commercially, PCBs may still be present in products and materials produced before the ban.

Applications in which PCBs have been used:

  • coolants
  • insulating and hydraulic fluids
  • plasticizers
  • stabilizing additives
  • pesticide extenders
  • flame retardents
  • lubricating oils
  • hydraulic fluids
  • caulks, sealants and waterproofing compounds
  • adhesives
  • paints and wood floor finishes
  • de-dusting agents
  • casting agents
  • vacuum pump fluids
  • fixatives in microscopy
  • surgical implants
  • carbonless copy paper.

PCB Exposure

Despite being banned from production, PCBs still find their way into the environment through avenues such as leaks in hazardous waste sites, improper disposal of hazardous waste, and repair and maintenance of items containing PCBs. Many workers have been injured by PCBs

Areas can become contaminated near waste sites, not only making the air and nearby well water dangerous, but also affecting small organisms and fish. PCBs accumulate in fish and marine mammals making contaminated food another exposure risk for humans. Old fluorescent lighting fixutures, TVs, and refridgerators may contain PCBs and release them into the air during operation as they heat up.

PCB Injuries

Exposure to PCBs, wether through breathing, eating, or direct skin contact, can have a variety of impacts on health. Skin rashes and acne-like skin reactions (chloracne), changes in blood and urine, and liver damage can result. PCBs also have a carcinogenic, or cancer-causing, effect as well as being damaging to the immune system, reproductive system, neurological effects, and may effect growth and development.

If you have been exposed to and injured by PCBs, our toxic exposure lawyers can help. An attorney familiar with PCBs poisioning will be glad to discuss your case with you with no inital fees or obligations. Please contact us today to speak with a PCB exposure attorney.

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