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Lead Exposure Lawyer

Young children are most at risk of suffering the ill affects associated with exposure to lead. Paint is usually the culprit; as lead-based paint peels and crumbles and chips and dust may be ingested or inhaled. Although banned from use in residential applications since 1978, lead paint is often found in city and urban dwellings, and older suburbs. Properly remediating or containing lead is important to the health and safety of children and adults living in the home.

Lead poisioning can cause a host of neurological, joint and reproductive problems. Children under the age of six suffer the most debilitating consequences from lead exposure; lowered IQ, developmental delays, and behavior problems are most often cited.

Lead posioning risks include:

  • brain damage, lowered IQ
  • slowed cognitive growth, development delays
  • behavior problems, attention disorders
  • headaches
  • reproductive problems
  • nerve disorders
  • high blood presssure, hypertension
  • memory and concentration issues
  • joint and muscle pain

Lead Poisoning Lawyer

Understanding the sometimes difficult to pinpoint affects of exposure is something our lead posioning lawyers are familiar with. Our attorneys understand not only the laws and regulations about lead, but have experience with and knowledge of the many products, both general types and specific manufacturers, that used lead. Backed by legal and practical information, we are well equipped to handle your lead poisoning lawsuit.

Contact us today to speak with one of our lead exposure attorneys. There is no fee or obligation to speak with us regarding your case, so don't let time limits prevent you from protecting your rights or those of your children.

What our lead poisoning attorneys cannot do, and indeed no one can, is turn back the clock on the damage done by lead. Protect your family by following the EPA's guidelines for protecting your family from lead poisoning.

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Chipping lead paint on windowsills can transfer easily to little hands.

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