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Elder Abuse Lawyers in Pittsburgh

Protect your loved ones from nursing home abuse and neglect

Unfortunately, the term "nursing home abuse" is all too familiar these days as our populaton ages and people are living longer lives. Elder care facilities, understaffed with underpaid and poorly trained employees, may push the bottom line so far that they endanger the lives of their patients. While many nursing homes provide excellent care, far too many do not.

Nursing home residents may suffer physically and emotionally from abusive, neglectful, and threatening situations. The results of neglectful and outright abusive treatment in nursing homes may range from painful bedsores to injuries like broken bones, or even premature death.

For family members, identifying nursing home abuse can be a challenging and frustrating process with patients often unable to speak for themselves; learn more about identifying the signs of nursing home abuse.

In order to recieve federal funds, all nursing homes and long-term care facilities must comply with certain federal regulations and laws. These regulations and laws set out in detail the type and quality of care that residents in these facilities must receive.

Are your family members receiving the appropriate standard of care? If you are looking for an elder abuse lawyer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, or any area, GPW can help. Our attorneys are experienced in handling nursing home abuse cases.

If you or a loved one is not receiving the care required by law, contact GPW for a free consultation. Learn more about how to select a nursing home, how to identify abuse and neglect, and get answers to frequently asked questions at Elderly-Abuse.com: Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect.

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