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Dangerous Products

Dangerous products wind up on the market for all sorts of reasons: negligence, ignorance, or placing profits over safety. Warnings and recalls are often not enough to protect consumers from harm. Serious injury or even death can result from products poorly designed, hazardously risky, or otherwise dangerous to users.

Gel Fuel Burns
Firepots, FireLites, tiki torches, and other items that use illuminating fuels have been responsible for a series of catastrophic burn injuries.
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TVM (transvaginal mesh), DePuy and other metal-on-metal hips, and contaminated steriod shots are medical devices or drugs that have caused injuries. Learn more.

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"Witness in both cases said the result was like a napalm bomb going off: the bottles of fuel exploded in a flash."
Gel Fuel Burns
The gelatinous fuel is labeled as "safe," however, this term is "meant only to convey that the fuel, a form of ethanol produced by Fuel Barons Inc. from recycled postconsumer waste, does not emit toxins when it burns." Learn More.
Defective and Dangerous Medical Device Injuries
Medical Device Injuries

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