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Car Accident Lawyer

32,850 people died in car accidents in the United States during 2013 with two million injured. Alcohol, drugs, a lack of sleep and improper training all increase the risk of driver error, and the results can be devastating.

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Truck Accidents
Tractor trailers are a familiar site on U.S. highways, although the overall number of trucks on the road has actually decreased in recent years. Despite this drop, Semi truck accidents have increased over the past few years.
Pedestrians and Cyclists Struck by Cars
Walking may be more dangerous than driving. Accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists are a common occurance.
Vehicle Recalls
Cars and trucks require thousands of parts. Car recalls are supposed to ensure that faulty, defective, or otherwise poor parts are replaced promptly and effectively.
Car Accident Compensation
Full or limited tort? Injury compensation? Understanding your rights in a car accident can be complicated.

From SUV rollovers, to pedestrians stuck by speeding motorists, to a truck that crosses the center median, our car accident attorneys have experience deconstructing the causes and understanding the traumatic injuries that can result from car crashes.

You need an auto accident lawyer not only familiar with the obvious physical damage such as broken bones, loss of limb and internal injuries resulting from crashes, but also the less obvious damages. Traumatic brain injuries, whiplash and soft-tissue damage may not become fully apparent until weeks or months after an accident.

Traffic accidents affect cars, trucks, pedestrians and cyclists. Fatal crashes don't discriminate. Sometimes it's the fault of the driver, walker, cyclist or even the automaker. When a car company fails to recall a vehicle in time, the results can be deadly.

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1 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's National Center for Statistics and Analysis

Car Accidents.

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Car Accident Fatalities by State for 2013

  • Pennsylvania: 1,208
  • West Virginia: 332
  • Michigan: 881
  • Ohio: 918

Pennsylvania ranks number five in the nation with the most car accident fatalities losing approximately 1,208 residents with more than 80,000 injured.

More than a third of the fatalities that occurred on Pennsylvania's roadways involved alcohol-impaired driving.