How to Get Started With My Personal Injury Lawsuit

How to Get Started With My Personal Injury Lawsuit

While the law provides compensation and provision for those that are injured due to negligence, there are many factors to consider in each individual case. The more serious an injury, the more complicated a case and the resulting litigation may be. It is the complexities of a personal injury case that make hiring a personal injury lawyer a necessity.

Personal injury lawsuits can cover several categories:

  • Car accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Falls or slips
  • Dog attacks
  • Product liability

A personal injury lawyer will be able to answer any questions about what category your injury falls into.

Next Steps

After an injury, if you feel you have a personal injury lawsuit, your first step should be to talk to an experienced lawyer. Such expertise will help you as you go through the process of getting documentation, records of doctor’s visits, and will help you navigate the necessary steps to ensuring success of your lawsuit.

Steps to Take in Finding a Personal Injury Attorney

  • Make several consultation appointments with different attorneys, because it is crucial that you pick the lawyer right for you and your case. Talking to several lawyers before making your choice will give you a better understanding of the process in front of you and what you may be looking for in an attorney.
  • Ask if they provide free consultations. While there, ask about payment options so that you won’t be surprised at a later date.
  • When making the appointment, ask if there is anything the lawyer will need to see. If there is any documentation that they would like to see at the consultation, it is important that you are prepared.

After you have made your appointments, you should check with the Pennsylvania Bar Association, or the bar association for your state, to make sure the attorneys you talk to are licensed and in good standing.

Once in the office, you need to remember that your questions and concerns are important. A qualified attorney will be able to answer your questions and provide you a solid direction to go in, as well as next steps.

Make sure to choose wisely. Your choice of attorney will have a large impact on how your case is handled. Look for attorneys that have experience in cases involving your specific injury. Also, if your lawyer is experienced in settling cases out of court,  this may be a benefit to you, should the party you are suing want to settle quickly and quietly.

Your personal claim is important and legal expertise is necessary in order to be successful. A qualified professional attorney will able to help you navigate the legal channels that will need to be satisfied in order to get your compensation. If you are ready to take the first step in finding your personal injury lawyer contact Goldberg, Persky & White for your free consultation.


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