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Why Does Asbestos-Related Disease Continue to Rise?

In early 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that despite the decline of asbestos use once the product became regulated in the United States, mesothelioma rates continue to rise, with a total of 45,221 deaths in the United States alone from 1999 to 2015. Scientists and researchers struggle to pinpoint reasoning […]

Fiberglass as a Substitute for Asbestos

For decades throughout much of the 20th century, asbestos was used in countless applications. From insulation, ceiling tiles, and vinyl flooring, to cigarette filters, curtains, and ironing board covers, asbestos could be found in almost every home, especially those built before 1980. The dangers of asbestos exposure were hidden from the public for years, but […]

Pennsylvania Man Faces Lawsuit Warning Public About Health Hazard

The oil and gas industry has been a part of our state’s history for over 150 years, with the first oil wells in the world located right here in Pennsylvania. The natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia has exploded since the mid-2000s which has raised a concern about contaminated water, higher levels […]

Asbestos Awareness Conference Scheduled For April 2018

For nearly 15 years, the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) has held a conference every year to raise awareness and educate the public about the hazards of asbestos exposure and its devastating heath consequences. Since the conference’s inception in 2005, more than 300 victims, lawmakers, abatement experts, and union members have come together to speak […]

Cigarette Filters That Contained Asbestos Fibers – A Lethal Combination

Given what we know today about the dangers of asbestos exposure and cigarette smoking, it is hard to believe that just over 60 year ago, asbestos was used in one of the most toxic ways: cigarette filters, and caused many suspected cases of lung cancer and mesothelioma for decades into the future. In the 1950s, […]

Smoking Plus Asbestos Exposure – A Deadly Combination

In 2004, the American Thoracic Society called asbestos “the largest cause of occupational cancer in the United States and a significant cause of disease and disability from nonmalignant disease.” Asbestos is a known carcinogen. It has been found to be the cause of many different cancers in those who were exposed to the popular building […]

Low Conviction Rates for Nursing Home Abuse in Pennsylvania Sparks Change in Legislation

According to a recent investigative series by the Reading Eagle, Pennsylvania has the fewest number of convictions in the nation when it comes to abuse and neglect for patient-related care. Investigators found that the state is much more likely to pursue cases of Medicaid fraud, rather than poor patient care and claim that the Pennsylvania […]

One of the Largest Asbestos Providers to the United States Bans Asbestos

Earlier this year, it was reported in the 2016 Minerals Yearbook that asbestos consumption in the United States has nearly doubled in the last year; from 343 tons in 2015, to 704 tons in 2016. Naturally this report caused concern, especially among anti-asbestos advocates who had seen a steady decline of asbestos imports to the […]

Funding Needed for Lung Cancer Awareness and Research – How You Can Help

As November draws to a close, so does Lung Cancer Awareness Month, but that doesn’t mean we should forget about this devastating cancer that affects hundreds of thousands of people annually. For a cancer than claims more lives than breast, colon, and prostate cancer combined, it is severely underfunded, leaving scientists and researchers reliant on […]

Many Workers May Not Know of Asbestos Exposure Until Cancer Diagnosis

There are many cases of people who are unaware that they were even exposed to asbestos until symptoms of illness sent them to the doctor. Asbestos is a known carcinogen, but for such a harsh and dangerous mineral, it a can almost appear mild. It has no smell or taste, the fibers are small, delicate, […]

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