Home Waxing Kits Linked to Serious Injury

Home Waxing Kits Linked to Serious Injury

What’s beauty without pain? Waxing, as any individual might know, can be one of the more painful beauty routines. Those who are looking to save money and time have turned to home waxing kits, rather than going to a salon. As if the process isn’t painful enough, countless people are alleging that they have been severely burned by at-home waxing kits such as the Sally Hansen Microwavable Eyebrow, Face & Lip Wax Kit.

These victims state that after following the instructions as directed on the waxing kit, the product did not heat properly and subsequently exploded all over their hands, feet, legs, arms, face, and chest. One common defect found was that the wax, after being heated as instructed, appeared to not be hot and the top part was not liquefied. This might cause the victim to think that the wax was not heated all of the way through. Victims have also alleged that the bottom of the container melted and hot wax leaked through, causing up to third-degree burns on the claimant.

In 2015, a Pennsylvania woman was severely burned with the Sally Hansen product Lavender Spa Body Wax. (Ouelette v. Sally Hansen Div. Dist. et al., 2015). The Plaintiff suffered third-degree burns when after following the instructions listed on the product, the container exploded in her hands after she removed it from the microwave. She was life-flighted to Lehigh Valley Hospital’s burn unit. Sally Hansen attempted to dismiss the suit at summary judgement stating that the Plaintiff lacked an expert witness. The court denied the motion and the case is on-going.

The damage caused by these home wax kits ranges from mild to severe. It can cause permanent damage and scarring. The beauty supply company, which brings in about $2 billion in revenue annually, has denied claims that its product is poorly designed and is instead, placing blame on human error.  Do not let large companies take advantage of you. If you or someone you know has been injured by this product, contact us immediately.


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