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Compensation for Asbestos Caused Lung Cancer

Compensation for Asbestos Caused Lung Cancer People diagnosed with lung cancer who were exposed to asbestos could be eligible to receive compensation. Asbestos companies profited while endangering people’s lives, with many people becoming sick later in life from their work related asbestos exposure. Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral that can be found in […]

The Great American Smokeout

The Great American Smokeout Today is the Great American Smokeout, which is held on the third Thursday of November every year. Smoking is very unhealthy so it’s recommended that people quit smoking as soon as possible. Once someone quits, the risk of developing diseases like lung cancer decreases, leading to a healthier, better life. The […]

Lung Cancer Vs Mesothelioma

Lung Cancer Vs Mesothelioma Mesothelioma is sometimes mistaken for lung cancer, even though they are completely separate cancers affecting different organs. The main difference between the two is their location. Lung cancer originates and occurs in different areas of the lungs while mesothelioma occurs in the mesothelium, which surrounds the lungs and other areas of […]

How Asbestos Trusts Work

How Asbestos Trusts Work To create trusts, asbestos companies filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. This allowed them to reorganize to pay out to asbestos victims. This does not hurt the company, but instead helps protect it from future liability related to asbestos. Companies can pay those suffering from asbestos related diseases over time instead of […]

Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder Recalled Because of Asbestos

Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder Recalled Because of Asbestos Johnson and Johnson has voluntarily recalled its baby powder because 33,000 bottles were contaminated with asbestos. All bottles with the lot number 22318RB were produced and shipped within the United States this year. To protect human health, the FDA continually tests products that contain talc to […]


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