BREAKING: GM’s 2014 recall total expands to 11 million

BREAKING: GM’s 2014 recall total expands to 11 million

General Motors (GM) is recalling almost three million more vehicles for faulty wiring, attributed to at least 13 accidents and two injuries. Thursday also saw four additional recalls for a variety of problems.

The issue causes brake lights to turn on without applying the brakes, make the lights fail when braking as well as disable panic breaking assist, cruise control, electronic stability and traction control.

In 2008, GM told dealerships about the issues, but did not feel a recall was necessary at the time, despite hundreds of complaints. This behavior is similar to the delay involved with the ignition switch recall, which began as a service notice to dealers about the potential risk with the detent plunger, causing the key to slip into the “off” or “accessory” position more than a decade ago.

Among the five GM recalls announced Thursday, the smallest is considered the most serious. Owners of the 477 Chevy Silverados (2014), GMC Sierra (2014) and Chevy Tahoes (2015) were discouraged from driving the trucks due to steering issues and said they’d send flatbeds to take the vehicles to be repaired.

To see if your GM vehicle is included in any of the numerous recalls since February, visit this site.

If you believe you or a loved on was involved in an accident caused by a GM defect, don’t hesitate. Contact us today. We want to help.


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