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Asbestos and Wheeling-Pitt Steel Corporation

Wheeling Steel Corporation (Wheeling) was founded June 21, 1920 by combining three separate companies: LaBelle Iron Works, Whitaker-Glessner Company, and Wheeling Steel & Iron Company. Throughout the 1920s, Wheeling expanded, acquiring new properties and modernizing their current facilities and by 1956, Wheeling stretched for 30 miles along the Ohio River ... [More >>]

Asbestos in Shipyards

Shipyard workers have a high rate of asbestos exposure and ultimately asbestos-related illnesses when compared to other tradesmen, steelworkers, and chemical plant workers.  This is because asbestos use among shipyards and throughout the navy was seen as a critical part to the industry. In an industry where fires are detrimental, ... [More >>]

Asbestos – A Better Understanding of the Carcinogen

There are six different types of asbestos that occur naturally throughout the world. Asbestos is actually the generic name given and is not a mineralogical definition.  A mineral product that is flexible, possesses high tensile strength, is heat resistant, resistant to chemical degradation, and can be woven into fabric, is ... [More >>]

More Lawsuits Regarding Talcum Powder Expected for 2017

Over the past year, hundreds have sued the health giant Johnson & Johnson claiming their talc/baby powder product, after decades of use, is tied to ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson has lost millions of dollars in these trials and 2017 may come to reveal that more lawsuits will be filed. ... [More >>]

Asbestos Exposure At Weirton Steel

A brief history Weirton Steel, formerly known as National Steel aka International Steel Group (ISGI) was a nationally known steel company that dominated parts of West Virginia. The steel mill thrived throughout the 20th century and still exists as a major supplier today, though under a different name. Not only did ... [More >>]

High Levels of Lead in Pittsburgh Drinking Water

For the second time in less than a year, Pittsburgh-area drinking water has been found to contain levels of lead that are above the state and federal action level. December calculations revealed that approximately 10 percent of the tap water examined has lead at 18 parts per billion while the ... [More >>]

It’s Not Over For Residents In Libby, Montana

The latest news to come out of Libby Montana, an area in the United States where hundreds of people were killed following decades of asbestos exposure, reports that more than 1,000 of those victims have reached a $25 million settlement with Montana health officials. There were over 100 lawsuits, each ... [More >>]

New EPA Proposal Requires Gas Plants to Publicly Report Toxic Emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency recently released a proposal concerning the documentation of toxic chemicals produced by natural gas drilling. Until now, natural gas processing plants did not need to publicly report toxic chemicals that are released into the environment, leaving nearby communities unaware of the potential chemical leaks and deposits ... [More >>]

The Facts About Asbestos Exposure and Lung Cancer

Asbestos exposure causes more than just mesothelioma cancer. It can be a contributing factor to a lung cancer diagnosis – a cancer than that affects about 14% of cancer victims, making it the second most common cancer in both men and women according to the American Cancer Society. The devastating ... [More >>]

Do You Have an Injury Caused by a Medical Professional?

Going to the doctor is no easy task, and as patients, we put our full trust in doctors, nurses, surgeons, and pharmacists expecting honest and trustworthy professionals to treat us with the utmost respect and provide quality care. However, that is not always the case and medical errors can lead ... [More >>]

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