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Asbestos Injury Lawyers

Legal Help For Those Exposed to and Injured by Asbestos

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Learn about Asbestos Related Injury Cases

MeMaligant Mesothelioma.

A rare, aggressive, and often fatal cancer caused by asbestos exposure, GPW has specialized in mesothelioma cases since the 1970s.

Asbestos Lung Cancer.

Asbestos exposure is strongly linked to lung cancer. Smoking on top of asbestos exposure increases your risk of developing lung cancer dramatically.

Asbestos Colon Cancer.

Asbestos fibers typically affect the respiratory system, but ingested asbestos can become caught in the large intestine and lead to colon cancer.

Asbestos Throat Cancer.

Those exposed to asbestos are 2.57 times more likely to develop laryngeal cancer than those who have not been exposed.

Finding an Asbestos Injury Attorney to Handle Your Asbestos Lawsuit

If you believe your illness or cancer was caused by asbestos exposure, it is important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. Each state has their own statute of limitations, and you may only have a small window of opportunity to file your claim. Finding the right attorney may seem like a daunting task; many factors go into filing a claim. Using a collection of evidence and documentation that has accumulated over the thirty years of asbestos litigation, GPW is able to effectively prepare and prosecute cases, pinpointing where and when you were exposed and by which products. The attorneys at GPW have also represented the wives and children who were indirectly exposed to asbestos through their husband's or father's work clothes. Indirect exposure to asbestos does not preclude a person from filing a lawsuit if they are suffering from an asbestos-related disease such as mesothelioma.

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Our Asbestos Injury Attorneys

Asbestos Related Lawsuit Results

Our extensive knowledge and experience in asbestos litigation and the skill of our lawyers has allowed us to achieve compensation such as these for our clients:

$3.8 Million

for the family of a man who developed Mesothelioma 40 years later.

$3.7 Million

for a man living with Mesothelioma who worked in power plants and chemical plants.

$2.8 Million

for a woman who died of Mesothelioma from bystander asbestos exposure.

$1 Million

for the family of a steelworker who died from asbestos related Lung Cancer.

Learn more about our success in winning asbestos compensation for our clients. We can’t guarantee results like this in every case. The outcome of your case will depend on many factors.

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